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  • Muffin Tops: The Truth

    by Sam Bell - Your Personal Style Ambassador

    If I had a pound for every time a woman complained to me about her 'muffin top' I could treat myself to a weekend away in Rome.  Or Paris.

    Women automatically assume that the reason for their 'muffin top' is because they are fat.  But I can assure you, 100%, that this is NOT the case.

  • Why Are You SO UGLY?

    by Sam Bell - Your Personal Style Ambassador

    Having worked with thousands of women in my Personal Styling business, I've had some incredible results for my clients simply by taking them shopping and showing them what clothes will fit & flatter the most, or by styling their wardrobe.

    It's an incedibly fun - and relatively straight forward - way of working.  But during the past three years I've met some women who are just stuck somewhere that needs more than clever dressing to fix.

    And today, I'm inviting you to find out why...

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