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  • Eddie Has It Right

    The hubster and I decided it was the right time to treat Dexter to the delights of the Natural History Museum, Big Bentley, the tube and of course London's finest attraction - the M&Ms store!

    We also paid a visit to Harrods to look at their magnificent Toy Department and it was here that Stuart and I made some fascinating revelations about appearances and, more importantly, feelings...

  • Robin Williams - A Hidden Darkness

    No marketing cleverness

    Marketing 101 for business owners - Join In The Conversation.  So you can be guaranteed there will be plenty of businesses talking about the tragic death of Robin Williams as a way of gaining more fans, social engagement and interaction.

    But let me make this promise to you.  This is NOT my intention here.  It's a marketing trick I have never liked and so I wrestled this morning about whether or not to write this blog post.  And yes - I considered adding an 'angle' about style or confidence but let's be honest here - there isn't one.

    So why am I, Sam Bell, Personal Stylist, writing a blog post about Robin Williams?  Because I loved him.  And because I understand depression.  And because it just felt right.

    Robin Williams - A Hidden Darkness
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