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I Used To Hate Looking In The Mirror...


Sam Bell - Style Guru

All I saw was a short, fat, ugly woman.  I hated my clothes, I hated shopping and I just wanted to hide all the time.  But not anymore.  Now I teach women just how beautiful they really are.

I created Pixie Belle as an online resource for women to come and learn the rules of clever dressing for free. When it comes to looking good and feeling great, we women are really up against it! So anything I can do to help is my pleasure.


Making It Easy For You To Start Getting It Right

You see, when it comes to looking stylish, pretty, elegant, polished, trendy, interesting, youthful, colourful or whatever word it is for you, there are a few things to get right. And once you've got these sorted, the rest just sort of follows. I know as a woman, wife, mother, step-mother, business owner, sister and friend, that life is challenging enough without your confidence getting a bashing just because you can't find jeans that fit AND look nice!  It's not rocket science, but nobody ever taught us this stuff in school!


Let me tell you a secret.  I have NO INTEREST in fashion.  In fact, I think it's a little bit crazy.  For me, it’s about manipulating fashion and trends to make people look good.  My worst nightmare is when people claim outrageous statements like “Everyone needs a pair of skinny jeans”.  I'm like, ‘Huh?  Not with a bum like mine!’

I Love Making People Happy!

Based in Yeovil, I have SUPERB access to some of the country's BEST stores with Taunton, Clarks Village, The Mall, Cabot Circus and Princess Hay in easy driving distance from my Style Studio which means there perfect choice for you is closer than you think!

You'll Save £1000s Over The Years - GUARANTEED!

Investing in yourself is an investment for years to come.  Did you know, the average woman spends £2,367 each year on clothes SHE NEVER WEARS!  Well, spend some time with me and you will NEVER waste money again.  You’ll know exactly what suits you and you’ll be able to shop for it quickly and easily.  You’ll literally save thousands over the years in both money and time.

My Personal Guarantee!

If you don’t receive at least 2 compliments after a session with me, let me know and I’ll give you your money back - no fuss, no quibbles.

So just breathe. Grab a cuppa, sit down, relax and read. THIS IS YOUR PLACE.

Have a look around. Find out what body shape you are, what colours light up your eyes and how to express your true personality through the clothes you wear. And if you haven't already, download the '7 Steps To Beautiful' or book a complimentary 60 minute Wardrobe Review using the Contact Page.

Enjoy. You're about to discover just how beautiful you really are!

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