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So who is Pixie Belle anyway?

Sam Bell - Style GuruSam Bell - Style Magician and Master of Visual Illusion

Founded by Style Magician and Master of Visual Illusion – Sam Bell (right), Pixie Belle is a crack-team of Style Pixies dedicated to helping you understand how to look good with your clothes on.

Sam developed a unique, personality-driven system to ensure that when you use Pixie Belle’s services , you’re GUARANTEED a fabulous image to make you look good, feel good,  but most importantly be comfortable with your new image – because it comes from YOUR personality.  What would be the point in dressing in skinny jeans and shoe boots if you’re much more of a 40s tea dress kinda girl!?

We Make It Easy For You To Start Getting It Right

We know everything there is to know about how to make YOU look great in whatever you wear. Understanding body shape, colour, fashion, patterns, fabric, accessories and all the other little details, combined with our Unique Personality Driven system, makes it easy for you to start getting right, right now!

We’ve always been interested in looking good, though not necessarily in fashion.  For us, it’s about manipulating fashion and trends to make people look good.  Our worst nightmare is when people claim outrageous statements like “Everyone needs a pair of skinny jeans”.  We’re like, ‘Huh?  Not with an ass like mine!’  But that’s us – we love to look good but we ain’t no slaves to fashion!

We Love Making People Happy!

Our team is dedicated to continuous development and we’re always on the look out for new methods or tips and tricks.  We trained with some of the best Style & Image training providers in the world and we’re very proud of our achievements.  We’re not afraid to think outside the box and we generally just love spending our days making people happy.  Well, life’s too short isn’t it?

We'll Save You £1000s Over The Years!

A session spent with any Pixie Belle Style Pixie is an investment for yours to come.  Did you know, the average woman spends £2,367 each year on clothes SHE NEVER WEARS!  Well, spend some time with us and you will NEVER waste money again.  You’ll know exactly what suits you and you’ll be able to shop for it quickly and easily.  You’ll literally save thousands over the years in both money and time.

Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked!

We also provide a GUARANTEE for everything we do.  If you aren’t totally thrilled with any of our products or services, we’ll give you your money back – no quibble.

Not only that, but if you don’t receive at least 2 compliments within the first 2 months of applying what we’ve taught you, let us know and we’ll personally ensure that you’re looking fabulous.

Pixie Mix - 3 for 2!

Style Bootcamp

It's like Pick 'n' Mix but with Pixies involved.  Anyhoo!  We've devised this gorgeous little menu of Style Packages so that YOU can unravel the mysteries of the 3 Style Principles (Palette, Profile & Personality) in a way that suits you.

Each package is just £125 or why not take advantage and book all 3 for the price of 2?

Practically Perfect Shopping!

Style Bootcamp

Positively perfect with your Palette, Profile and Personality?  Or just wanna jump straight into getting shiney new clothes?  Then let's be girlies together and go shopping!  Ooooo - it's so lovely, more lovely than any lovely words could convey.  You, me and a delightful little shopping trip.



Style Bootcamp

Style Bootcamp

Hey there gorgeous!

If you've decided that THIS IS YOUR YEAR and you want to discover how to look your best from what's available on the High Street, then join our revolutionary online programme, Style Bootcamp.  This coures takes you through the 3 Principles of Style:




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