3 People Who Don't Want You To Look Beautiful

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And What To Do About Them!

Having worked with almost 2000 women as a Personal Stylist in the last 3 years, you can bet I've heard a lot of stories about why women are so hard on themselves when it comes to looking stylish and beautiful.

But I've also come across reasons why women won't commit to making the changes necessary for them to love the way they look - and I'm not talking about going on a diet, joining a gym or having surgery!  The changes needed to start looking AND feeling great are pretty simple and easy by comparison!

So as a woman, why might you simultaneously admit that you're unhappy with your reflection and yet do nothing to change this?

Because there are 3 people who REALLY don't want you to change...

Skirts For Your Body Shape

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A simple guide for your ideal skirt!

Though sad to see the end of the summer, I am REALLY excited about all the gorgeous new clothes in the High Street right now.  I was having a look round the shops in Yeovil  to get some ideas for my new Capsule Wardrobe and there are LOTS of lovely skirts this season.  So with that in mind, here's my simple guide to skirts for your body shape!

Eddie Has It Right

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And a little bit wrong...

The hubster and I decided it was the right time to treat Dexter to the delights of the Natural History Museum, Big Bentley, the tube and of course London's finest attraction - the M&Ms store!

We also paid a visit to Harrods to look at their magnificent Toy Department and it was here that Stuart and I made some fascinating revelations about appearances and, more importantly, feelings...

Robin Williams - A Hidden Darkness

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May he rest, at last, in peace

No marketing cleverness

Marketing 101 for business owners - Join In The Conversation.  So you can be guaranteed there will be plenty of businesses talking about the tragic death of Robin Williams as a way of gaining more fans, social engagement and interaction.

But let me make this promise to you.  This is NOT my intention here.  It's a marketing trick I have never liked and so I wrestled this morning about whether or not to write this blog post.  And yes - I considered adding an 'angle' about style or confidence but let's be honest here - there isn't one.

So why am I, Sam Bell, Personal Stylist, writing a blog post about Robin Williams?  Because I loved him.  And because I understand depression.  And because it just felt right.

Robin Williams - A Hidden Darkness


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