Eddie Has It Right

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And a little bit wrong...

The hubster and I decided it was the right time to treat Dexter to the delights of the Natural History Museum, Big Bentley, the tube and of course London's finest attraction - the M&Ms store!

We also paid a visit to Harrods to look at their magnificent Toy Department and it was here that Stuart and I made some fascinating revelations about appearances and, more importantly, feelings...

Robin Williams - A Hidden Darkness

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May he rest, at last, in peace

No marketing cleverness

Marketing 101 for business owners - Join In The Conversation.  So you can be guaranteed there will be plenty of businesses talking about the tragic death of Robin Williams as a way of gaining more fans, social engagement and interaction.

But let me make this promise to you.  This is NOT my intention here.  It's a marketing trick I have never liked and so I wrestled this morning about whether or not to write this blog post.  And yes - I considered adding an 'angle' about style or confidence but let's be honest here - there isn't one.

So why am I, Sam Bell, Personal Stylist, writing a blog post about Robin Williams?  Because I loved him.  And because I understand depression.  And because it just felt right.

Robin Williams - A Hidden Darkness

The Ripple Effect

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And the power of women

If you've been following me the last few days you'll know that I hosted a business seminar on Saturday morning called The Feminine Way To Wealth with my business idol and role model, Dr Joanna Martin.

I first attended this last September in London and her words had a profound effect on me and my business. I'll be honest - at that time, anything with the word FEMININE in the title made me want to run in the other direction!

I can't put into words as eloquently as Joanna what she means by FEMININE so let's just talk about it here in terms of women being different to men, in the same way the sun is different to the moon. Both are good, we need both, but they are different!

The Ripple Effect


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